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Tin and glass candle lanterns

We are manufacturers of handmade tin and glass candle lanterns. Our authentic Mexican candle lanterns bring warmth to your home decor. They are perfect for rustic, Spanish colonial, Mexican or Southwest décor. These lanterns are also very commonly used as a part of wedding decoration.


We handle a large selection of unique hand crafted tin and glass candle lanterns. Each lantern is designed and hand made by Mexican artisans in Jalisco region. Our collection of candle lanterns includes designs that date back before the Revolution. We also manufacture modern and contemporary designs. Our designs can be also customized to meet you lighting needs.


There are lanterns with glass panels that give a lot of light. Hinged doors give you a quick access to change and light candles. The pierced chimneys are typical for the designs and help provide good ventilation. Enjoy the light peeking from these beautiful hand punched tin candle lanterns. The different patterns and colorful marbles create a dramatic lighting effect and makes everybody look their best.

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